In today’s fast-paced, data-driven environment it’s not enough to react to change, you must stay ahead of it. We understand the imperative for innovation, efficiency, and breakthrough performance facing leading companies – and what it takes to help our clients succeed.



Our firm is ranked among the Top 5 in the Financial Times’ Innovative Lawyers Report in North America, and the Top 10 in Europe. We have been commended by the FT for our work on numerous innovative, complex, and often first-of-their-kind deals, wins, and initiatives, including:

Creating a first-of-its kind model sharing agreement for the Federal Communications Commission’s unprecedented two-way spectrum auction

Defeating two landmark inter partes review challenges on behalf of a leading global biotechnology company

Establishing the firm’s partnership with the Aspen Institute to provide pro bono advice to fellows in its social impact projects

Helping to launch an innovative mobile payments system on a tight schedule using a strategy that reinvented the way financial services contracts are created and negotiated

Reframing the way our lawyers think about the delivery of value to clients, including uncovering new opportunities, managing risk, improving efficiency, and leveraging technology

Taking data analytics to a new level through the innovative work of our Data Science team

Securing a first-ever win for a branded drug company in an inter partes review, a new forum for challenging patent validity

Helping to achieve sweeping reforms on the use of force against Los Angeles County Jail inmates

Creating a corporate governance structure for the world’s largest satellite constellation that aligned the interests of nine global companies

Developing a matter management system that improves efficiency and helps provide more timely information on matter status and fees

Launching a pioneering mortgage real estate investment trust that created an international secondary market for Mexican mortgages

Helping a leading Chinese securities company complete the first UK-code takeover of a Tokyo-listed company

Implementing a client listening program to inform partners about our clients’ concerns through interactive sessions focused on their industries

Creating a proactive approach to help South Korean companies build global compliance programs

Defeating the automatic suspension practice of the French Securities Regulator on approving public offers and takeover bids facing a court challenge from shareholders